3 Major Kinds of Counter Tops


When it comes to picking a counter top there are normally three main choices available. Granite, Marble, and Quartz tops. Granite and Marble are more natural and have the rock’s natural patterning on the slab. Quartz Counter Tops are man made and are not naturally occurring, as they are mixed with quartz stone with resin and other factory polymers to make the designs. Here we will give a detailed description of all three tops.


Granite materials are a very popular choice for both counter tops and construction materials. The stone itself is naturally occurring, with little to no involvement from human design. When the rock was cut, the pattern inside will never look like another. That means every granite design is unique in its own way! Granite as a type of stone is what Geologists call a phanerite rock. Basically its a rock with noticeable grains and crystalline clumps that can be normally viewed on the surface. Hence, is why Granite has varying patterns that differ from each-other. Granite, unlike Marble, is one of the tougher counter tops on the market as it is very hard to cut into the stone and notice any markings after the fact. Due to its natural toughness, it is a very popular choice for those who cook all the time and use the counter top.


Like Granite, Marble is a naturally occurring stone. Many folks are familiar with Marble being used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for their beautiful life like sculptures. Marble is also a favorite in Cathedrals and other religious structures. The look and feel of Marble is smoother and more elegant and simple than Granite. Pure Marble will appear white with no hints of any other color. If there is color, the Marble may have impurities within it, but it bestows a faint color hue of blue, grey, pink, yellow, or black that some prefer instead. Marble is somewhat translucent, allowing the individual to get a perception of depth from looking into the stone. However, Marble is much more fragile than Granite and will show cut marks and scratches from misuse. If Marble doesn’t show scratch marks, it may have man made qualities about it, making it non-natural.


Last, but certainly not least, Quartz counter tops have a certain charm that people find attractive despite being entirely man made. The appeal of a Quartz top lies in its customization, uniformity, and sometimes simplicity. Quartz tops do not have differing patterns, as they are made in the same manner, and look almost identical to one another at times. With technology expanding, Quartz Tops are slowly becoming harder to identify with patterns imitating Granite and Marble available. With Marble and Granite its more of Nature’s beauty to behold, while Quartz offers you a more stylized “have it look your way” appeal.

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