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Our bathroom renovations and remodels have dazzled countless clients and helped bring their home new life. Discover a fantastic tease of how we could transform your property and bathroom space

Are you considering completing a bathroom renovation in your home? If so, then we’re ready to provide the expert solution that you need and our bathroom gallery provides a tantalizing tease of the incredible remodel we could complete for you. 

As you explore our gallery, you’ll see the incredible variations in both designs as well as practical choices that we have completed for our clients. From luxury shower rooms to spacious, grand bathroom designs complete with a contemporary bathtub, it’s all right here for you to peruse. 


Explore The Types Of Materials We Use


Our bathroom gallery provides some brilliant examples of the types of materials and aesthetics that we have used for past clients with their bathroom renovations. Take a look at some of the incredible marble-styled fixtures and countertops as well as the beautiful wall coverings that have been added to these bathroom spaces for a stunning impact. 

Our gallery also highlights how we have transformed countless boring bathroom floors and guaranteed these catch the eye immediately as you walk into the room. We believe that to create the perfect bathroom space, all the different elements of the design must blend seamlessly to create the ultimate environment homeowners will adore.

View Some Of Our Standout Features


At Calusa Kitchen And Bathroom we offer a complete renovation service and this includes adding the features or fixtures that you want or need in your bathroom. In our gallery, you can see some of the incredible washbasins and vanity cabinets that we have used to accentuate different bathroom spaces. These can be fully fitted to ensure that they are completely integrated into the room and don’t crowd the area. 


Add The Ultimate Defining Factor To Your Property 


We believe our gallery highlights how the right bathroom can become the defining factor of your home renovation. All it takes is expert renovation work to bring this space to life and ensure that it is everything you hoped for as well as so much more. 

Using your preferred design concepts, we can ensure that your bathroom matches your personality, character, and lifestyle. Whether you love spending hours soaking in the bath or you need the perfect shower to rejuvenate your mind and body in the morning we can help. 

We can also provide you with the show-stopping bathroom decor and design that will make your home feel like a luxury hotel rather than a typical property. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every part of your bathroom design is as it should be and fits beautifully with your goals and requirements. 

At Calusa Kitchen And Bathroom we don’t believe clients should ever have to choose between a practical space and stunning design choices. We’ll incorporate both and give you the bathroom that you always dreamed of but never believed was possible…until now. 


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