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Types Of Kitchen Cabinets


The right kitchen cabinets can completely transform your space. Not only can they pull together your overall kitchen design, but they’ll also improve your kitchen’s functionality by providing essential storage space

At Calusa Kitchen & Bath, we carry a wide selection of top-quality kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel or you’re just thinking about upgrading your cabinets, we encourage you to visit our Sarasota showroom. This is the best way to compare kitchen cabinet styles and materials, so you can choose the perfect option for your unique kitchen design.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets


For a sleek, simplistic, and versatile look, you can’t go wrong with shaker kitchen cabinets. Originally gaining popularity in the early 1900s, this cabinet style has recently experienced a resurgence.

Shaker cabinet doors typically consist of a flat panel with a simple border. You won’t find any beveling or intricate routing on these door fronts. Instead, minimalism is key. Gray or white is typically the color of choice, and it’s common to pair shaker cabinets with basic hardware that complements the simple design.

These cabinets offer a timeless look that will easily transition through the decades. They’re easy to maintain and will appeal to a wide range of home buyers. The affordable cost also allows homeowners to maximize the return on investment for their kitchen remodel. 

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Louvered Kitchen Cabinets


The horizontal wood slats found on louvered kitchen cabinets bring texture and visual interest to your kitchen design. They also provide natural ventilation, making them excellent for spaces that can benefit from extra air flows, such as pantry doors. The horizontal lines created by louvered kitchen cabinets can also make a small kitchen look larger and more spacious.

Some homeowners choose to accent their kitchen design with a few louvered kitchen cabinets. Others embrace the look, choosing louvered cabinets for their entire kitchen renovation. No matter which option you choose, these cabinets will bring a sophisticated style to your kitchen space. 

Most homeowners choose a natural wood shade for their louvered cabinets. However, you can also paint them to match your kitchen’s color scheme.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets


With a center panel that is higher than the surrounding wood, raised panel kitchen cabinets create eye-catching patterns and shadows. They come in a variety of styles and designs, allowing them to easily fit into both traditional and modern kitchens.

This style was originally popular during the American Colonial Era. At the time, they were considered a sign of wealth since they were more costly to make. Today, these cabinets can range from simple and affordable to extremely ornate.

Raised panel kitchen cabinets are typically made from quality solid woods. They also often include decorative features like glass or metal inserts, decorative trims, beading, and beveled edges. These enhancements add a bit of luxury and sophistication to the kitchen space. 


Distressed Cabinets


Distressed cabinets are perfect for kitchens that feature a shabby chic, rustic, or antique style. They’re made with techniques that create the illusion of age, allowing you to enjoy brand new cabinets that look as if they were found in an antique shop. A well-distressed kitchen cabinet will have random marks, with no signs of consistencies in the wood.

This cabinet style brings a vintage charm to the kitchen space. The variety of colors and distressing methods available also offer almost limitless customization options.

Some of the most common distressing methods used to create this cabinet design include worm holing, rasping, cracking, scraping, gouging, and wearing. Once distressed, adding a glaze can accentuate the cabinetry, helping to highlight the uniqueness of each piece.

Flat Panel Cabinets


Ideal for contemporary kitchen designs, flat-paneled kitchen cabinets offer a minimalist look with smooth, hard lines. These cabinet doors, sometimes called “slab doors,” are a no-frills option with no frame or ornamentation. They’re streamlined, easy to clean, and will work in a variety of kitchen design styles including vintage, mid-century modern, or even contemporary.  

Flat paneled kitchen cabinets are typically available in both wood and laminate and come in a virtually endless number of color and design choices. The simple design makes them an excellent option for showcasing a particular color or finish. Decorative hardware can also add some extra character to this minimalist cabinet design.


Beadboard Cabinets


Ideal for cottage, rustic, or traditional kitchens, beadboard cabinet doors feature vertical rows of wood planks. Between each plank is a ridge or indention, also known as a “bead.” This subtle addition adds texture and charm to the kitchen space, giving it an old-world vibe. This is an excellent option for those who like the shaker style but want to add a bit more detail.

You’ll often find beadboard kitchen cabinets in country-style and French-style homes as well as in homes with beach-inspired interiors. White is a popular color choice, but shades like ivory, gray, or dark blue can also look beautiful with the right kitchen design.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets


Framed kitchen cabinetry features doors that are secured to the frame. This is the most common type of kitchen cabinet in the United States. The style remains very popular thanks to the strength and sturdiness it provides and its extensive design flexibility.

It’s possible to create a flush-mounted look by mounting the doors to the inside of the frame or mounting the doors on the front of the frame, revealing part of the frame and creating a partial overlay. Framed kitchen cabinets also offer an enormous number of door and drawer configurations.


Frameless Cabinets


Offering a more contemporary design, frameless cabinets don’t have a face frame. The doors on these European-style cabinets are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet, creating a clean, modern look. Since they don’t have a frame, these cabinets rely on a thicker box to provide stability and strength. The design style only allows for full-overlay doors, since they can only be mounted to the sides of the box. Compared to framed cabinets, frameless kitchen cabinets offer a larger interior space with greater access. This makes them ideal for smaller kitchen renovations since they allow you to maximize every inch of space.

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