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Types Of Bathroom Cabinets


Whether you’re planning a full bathroom remodel or you’re thinking of upgrading your space with new bathroom cabinets, you’ll find the quality and styles you’re looking for at Calusa Kitchen & Bath. We pride ourselves on carrying the area’s largest and most current selection of bathroom cabinets.

As you explore your options, we invite you to visit our Sarasota showroom, where you can easily compare cabinets in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. Our design experts are also available to help you choose the perfect cabinets for your bathroom space.

Shaker Bathroom Cabinets


Simple and elegant, shaker cabinets style offer a classic style that goes beautifully with virtually any bathroom design. These cabinets feature a flat panel with a simple border. The clean, minimalist look is sure to stand the test of time and will appeal to a wide range of home buyers. Since shaker bathroom cabinets are also quite affordable, they’re a popular choice among home buyers looking to maximize the return-on-investment for their bathroom renovation.

Shaker bathroom cabinets are typically made of hardwood and often have a finish that brings out their natural beauty. You can also find them lightly stained or painted in a variety of attractive colors. 


Louvered Cabinets


With their distinct horizontal slats, louvered cabinets offer a classic sense of style. The space between the slats also creates ventilation, which can help prevent moisture build-up and musty odors. This makes them the perfect choice for bathroom spaces, where humidity is often an issue. 

Louvered bathroom cabinets can bring texture into the space and create visual interest. The horizontal lines can also help make a small bathroom appear larger. While some homeowners accent their bathroom design with louvered cabinets, others fully embrace the look, installing them throughout the space. Natural wood is a common choice for louvered bathroom cabinets, but they can also look beautiful when painted in a color that complements your bathroom’s overall design. 

Raised Panel Bath Cabinets


A timeless option for any bathroom remodel, raised panel cabinets will add character and style to your space. These cabinets often feature detailed accents designed to draw the eye to the center of the cabinet door. The raised panel also creates interesting patterns and shadows. This is an excellent way to add texture and dimension to an otherwise simple bathroom design.

Raised panel bathroom cabinets are typically made of high-quality solid wood. They may also feature accents like beveled edges, decorative trims, and glass or metal inserts.

While raised panel cabinets are a popular option for traditional bathrooms, they can also work well in country, rustic, or even transitional bathroom designs.


Flat Panel Bath Cabinets


One of the most popular choices for modern bathroom remodels, flat panel bathroom cabinets will work beautifully with any style of decor, ranging from traditional to industrial. These cabinets feature clean, neat lines and come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

The simple, “no-frills” design offers a streamlined look that is also easy to clean, making them the perfect addition to a low-maintenance bathroom. While flat panel cabinets are popular in modern and industrial-themed bathroom design, they can also work well with contemporary or even vintage styles.

Since they’re so simple, it’s easy to use flat panel cabinets to showcase a particular color or finish, creating a focal point in your bathroom. You can also add visual interest with decorative hardware that offsets the minimalist design.

Distressed Cabinets


Ideal for homes with a shabby chic or farmhouse style, distressed cabinets combine the durability of brand-new cabinets with an antique or rustic look. They’re sure to bring a vintage charm to your bathroom space.

Distressed bathroom cabinets are created using a variety of weathering techniques. When done correctly, they’ll have unique, random markings with no signs of consistency in the wood. The variety of colors and distressing techniques available create virtually limitless customization options for your bathroom renovation.

Distressed cabinets look beautiful when paired with brushed metal accessories, large mirrors, and crystal-clear light fixtures. While they’re popular in country-style homes, these cabinets can easily complement an array of decor styles.


Beadboard Bath Cabinets


Offering a quaint, rustic look, beadboard bathroom cabinets are popular in farmhouse and cottage-style homes. They’re also a beautiful addition to bathrooms in homes with beach-inspired interiors and are popular among those who prefer an eclectic style of home decor.

Beadboard bathroom cabinets are faced with wood planks, lined up in vertical rows. Each row is separated by an indentation, or bead, which creates a beautiful texture and adds visual interest. White tends to be the color of choice for beadboard bathroom cabinets. However, colors such as ivory, blue, or even espresso brown can look gorgeous with the right bathroom design.

Framed Cabinets


Thanks to their strength and durability, framed cabinets have long been the most popular style of bathroom cabinet in the United States. The doors of these cabinets are secured to the frame, giving them a solid feel that appeals to the senses.

Framed cabinets offer extensive design flexibility. It’s possible to mount the cabinet doors on the front of the frame, creating a partial overlay, or mount them to the inside of the frame to create a flush-mounted look. There are also a wide variety of available door and drawer configurations, allowing for flexibility in your bathroom storage.


Frameless Cabinets


Known for their chic and modern design, frameless cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. These European-style cabinets have doors attached directly to the sides of the cabinet, rather than to a frame. This creates a clean and simple look that is perfect for modern bathrooms.

Since there is no frame to create strength, frameless cabinets have a thicker cabinet skeleton. This cabinet style also offers more interior space with greater access. This makes them perfect for small bathrooms, where it’s important to optimize every inch of space. The open design also allows for more interior customization, creating convenient storage and organization options for styling tools and other bathroom essentials.

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