Steps in the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Process

When it’s time to tackle those worn and outdated kitchens and bathrooms, finding a reliable contractor with a solid Remodeling Process for your home can be an overwhelming task. Not every contractor can design and execute the crisp, clean bathroom that you can be proud to share with your guests. As for your kitchen, being the focal point of your home with the heaviest traffic, you should expect nothing less than the comfortable gathering place with an edge of personal style that you’ve envisioned.

Before you begin searching for contractors, find out exactly what you want. Do some research on the many different styles and aesthetics available to you! The overall “look” of your finished project will likely be what is most important to you, but an experienced professional will urge you to also consider the durability of your materials. For example, a commercial site would optimally have more durable counters and floors to protect against heavier use, as opposed to a private residential site.

Planning for home remodeling

Drawing up a budget can be a daunting task, but setting limitations on yourself during your early stages of research can leave you with missed opportunities. The deals are out there! Make sure you shop around for all your options. DON’T LET PRICING BE YOUR ONLY GUIDE! Look for the kind of quality that will drive the value of your home up and compare this with the desired durability and lifespan.

Decide on your desired time frame for completion, and whether it will involve plumbing/electrical/drywall modifications, etc. 

Once you have a close idea of the scope of the project, start looking for contractors with experience in jobs of this size. A good place to begin is through trusted friends and family members. Do you know someone who recently completed a remodeling project that caught your eye? Make sure to inquire whether their final product aligned with the expectations that they originally set out to meet.

When you find a contractor that you think will meet your needs, do some research on their qualifications: Licensing, insurance, permits, references and previous work, labor (employees vs. subcontractors, etc.

Hiring a remodeling contractor

A Few Things About Remodeling Process to Keep in Mind

Communication is KEY. Layout what you expect while maintaining the understanding that a project can develop further needs or require some tweaking to complete. Keep the lines of communication with your contractor OPEN & CONSISTENT to manage expectations and developments in the project.

Be sure to agree upon a COOPERATIVE and SENSIBLE payment schedule with your contractor.

Finally, get it all down in DETAILED writing. Don’t leave anything up for interpretation.

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