Tips for a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

The kids’ bathroom may be one of the most neglected rooms in your home – but a kid-friendly bathroom remodel can make it attractive, easy to use, and ensure that it remains functional as they grow. As you plan out your remodeling project, keep these tips in mind.

Install a Double Vanity (Or a Large Sink)

If you have two or more children using the bathroom space, a double vanity is a great idea. This will give each child their own space to wash their hands and face and brush their teeth. Not only is it a time-saver, but it can help avoid unnecessary bickering over whose turn it is to use the sink.

However, if there will only be one child using the bathroom, opt for a larger sink instead. This will keep more water in the sink and less on the counter and floor. No matter what sink style you choose, make sure the vanity has plenty of low storage drawers that can be accessed by kids of all ages.

Choose Your Toilet Wisely

The kids will quickly grow out of a child-sized toilet, but an adult comfort-height toilet will be too big for them. This makes a standard-height toilet the best choice. Pair it with a step stool until the kids are tall enough to reach it on their own. Also, choose a toilet with a side lever, since it will be difficult for them to reach a lever on top of the tank. You don’t want the kids to have to crawl up on the seat or counter to flush.

Choose Durable Materials

When kids are using a space, it’s a given that things will get broken and dirty. Choosing durable, easy-to-clean materials will keep your bathroom remodel looking like new for years to come. Porcelain tile and quartz countertops are great options. Also, consider adding wall tile or wainscotting, since this is easier to clean than painted walls.

Always Put Safety First

When designing a kid-friendly bathroom remodel, always put safety first! Try to avoid any bathroom fixtures or accessories with sharp corners. You may also consider adding textured floor tiles to help prevent slipping accidents and installing wall sconces with built-in nightlights so the little ones can see when they make middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Add a Pop of Color

The place where your kids start and end each day should be bright and cheery. But don’t overdo it. If you decorate with cute jumping frogs or tons of bright colors, your kids will grow out of it in a few years. Instead, consider adding a pop of color by painting one wall a bright color and keeping the rest neutral. Then, you can dress the space up by adding age-appropriate accessories that are easily replaced every few years.

Consult with Our Design Specialists

If you’re looking for some inspiration, reach out and schedule a bathroom remodel consultation with one of our design experts. We’ll show you how to optimize your budget and create an attractive, kid-friendly bathroom space. Contact us today to get started!