Bathroom Design Trends You Can’t Miss

Life can be exhausting. If you have a great bathroom, you can get away from it all and find a bit of peace amongst it. Of course, a wonderful bathroom starts with a good design, and it’s wise to know what is popular right now. Try out these four 2021 bathroom design trends to see how your bathroom could improve your life.

1. Big Tiles

Tile is such a friendly material for the bathroom. Although natural stone has certainly been claiming a lot of attention for the past several years, you’ll also notice that ceramic and porcelain tiles are re-surging in a big way. Big tiles are durable and easier to clean. Feel free to use contrasting colors and even mix up the sizes to create a patterned wall that works in and out of the shower.

2. Natural Colors

Although you always want a bathroom to look clean, it shouldn’t have to take on the sterile appearance of a hospital. The best way to achieve this is to make it look natural, with a few colors from the outdoors. Natural, neutral colors work perfectly in a bathroom. They’re not so trendy that your bathroom will look dated in a few years, and they offer a perfect palette for the rest of your design elements.

3. Living Walls

Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to add a little of the outdoors, especially with houseplants. If you’re looking for a bath that feels like a quick dip into an outdoor pool, you might want to add a living wall. Living walls can work in almost any room of the home, although the extra waterproofing of the bathroom makes it an ideal spot. You can grow exotic, unusual species in this moderate, humid climate, without having to sacrifice precious floor space.

4. Soaking Tubs

If the 2000s and 2010s showcased the importance of the shower, the 2020s are definitely a great time to take a long, hot soak. Soaking tubs are back. They don’t look like your grandmother’s claw-foot tub, although you can certainly get one if you’re into the vintage Victorian aesthetic. Modern options have a flat bottom, which is space-conscious and seamless. The best part is that they fit wonderfully into any design, from the latest in minimalism to an 18th Century bath.

This year, you deserve to have a bathroom that gives you everything you need and a retreat from the day. These trends can help you update and refine your bathroom design. Contact us to find out more about our services or request a consultation for your dream bathroom.