Kitchen Design Trends You’ll Love

When you remodel your kitchen, you’ll probably keep it for at least 5 to 10 years. You can often learn a lot about the home about the style of the kitchen. It can serve as a time capsule of the designs that were trending that year. If you’re looking forward to getting a new kitchen, you’re in luck. These five 2021 kitchen design trends are excellent.

1. Bold Colors

If you’ve been longing to see the end of the white kitchen trend, your wish has come true. These days, it’s hard to pinpoint the best color for the kitchen because clearly, the answer is all of them. You’ve got a blank slate in which to express your most creative interests. Ready for a bright blue or green? You’re in good company. Prefer something striking and unusual like yellow or sunset orange? Go for it.

2. Understated Cabinetry

While the rest of your kitchen might be shining brightly, the cabinetry takes on a more understated role. Homeowners are realizing that storage is important, but that filling the kitchen full of cabinets can make it appear boxy and cramped. Many designers opt for fewer upper cabinets, leaving plenty of room for a hand-painted tile backsplash or more of those bright colors. In the cabinetry itself, you’ll notice a change to handle-less doors and muted colors.

3. Big Pantry Closets

If you’re wondering how you will store your tools and appliances with fewer kitchen cabinets, the answer lies in the pantry. Pantry closets are definitely taking prominence these days, as homeowners spend more time in their kitchens and need plenty of room to move. A pantry isn’t just for storing food, although this is a great place for your shelf-stable goods. You can keep your small appliances in here, to open up your counter space for preparation or dining.

4. Second Kitchens

Changes throughout the world in 2020 reminded millions of people that the kitchen isn’t just a place to cook or eat. It’s the command center for the home, and sometimes it isn’t big enough for everything. A second kitchen offers a place to store additional tools and small appliances, as well as divide the spaces between food preparation and serving. Second kitchens usually go near the main kitchen, so that transition between each room is relatively seamless.

5. High-Quality Construction and Finishes

A solid kitchen design ought to last at least 10 to 15 years, or possibly longer. For everything to function as beautifully as it looks, you’re going to need the best quality. It’s time to let kitchens become the designer fashion of the remodeling world. Everything has a custom fit and looks amazing in your kitchen. The investment is more than worth it, because you’ll be able to love it as long as you want.

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