Flooring Types: Guide On Pro’s and Con’s

Does your kitchen or bathroom seem to be missing something? The countertops look nice and the design is immaculate but you might feel there is something wrong. Perhaps look down at the floor? Does it suit the design? If it doesn’t then it may be time to consider replacing it with something that suits your desires. A Kitchen is the house’s social area, where family and friends usually spend around. It is a center point of your house, and as such should look befitting as a center point. There are four main Flooring Types that one should think about.

Flooring Types

Tiling, Wood, Stone, and Vinyl. Each flooring has advantages and disadvantages as well as textures and feels that should be taken into account before making a choice. Here is our Guide that will explain each type for you.


Arguably the most popular choice made for kitchens and bathrooms. The Tile floor choice has a very orderly and uniform design that offers an easy surface to clean and be resistant to the most damaging possibilities. It comes in a variety of colors, styles, and also finishes that can be customized to your specifications. The only problem one could expect would be the cost. Tile floor plans can be the priciest option compared to that of the other choices, which deters few homes into picking an alternative floor material. Tiles are hard-surfaced pieces that can have slip-resistant and damage-resistant coatings. This gives the tiles longer longevity, allowing them to defeat many kinds of objects dropped on them.


A choice that has the natural look to it. Stone floors can be made in a variety of colors but the greatest strength lies in their artistic creation. Some homeowners like to construct mosaics using their stone flooring for those above and beyond elegance. Stone has its strength from its natural composition, meaning with a nice scratch-resistant coating, it is easily the strongest flooring that can be used. It doesn’t crack easily and can be reliable for many years after its purchase.

The weaknesses of stone are more in its upkeep. It needs constant care and maintenance to keep its healthy shine and finish. It also gets slippery when wet and there isn’t much to be done about it. Also as it is stone, it isn’t the most comfortable flooring to stand on for long periods of time. However, these difficulties are minor, and it would make an excellent choice.


Another Natural floor plan gives a different look and feels from the harder surfaced floors. Wooden floors have a classy look that can be chosen in its variety of wood choices, like walnut, spruce, oak, etc… Every wood choice offers its natural color, feels, and strengths to the kitchen or bathroom its complimenting. As a flooring wood is more comfortable to stand on for longer periods.

The weaknesses that wood brings is the upkeep potentiality fragility. Wood can be treated to be damage resistant to any dropped items but it does not take all hits as easily as stone and tiling can. Chipping, cracks, and denting of the wood can occur, which is why it should be treated with care whenever you are operating heavy furniture in the area.


Finally, the last flooring option is in its sphere and very popular. Vinyl flooring is synthetic and man-made. Its not a natural flooring like Stone, wood, or specific tiles. The perks of owning vinyl flooring can be attributed to price and uniformity. If you want a specific pattern or color it can be done for you exactly the way you need it. This is why it is a popular choice for larger rooms.

Its weaknesses lie in its durability. Vinyl can be weaker than most stone, hardwood, and tiled flooring. Therefore, if you do not choose to laminate the surface or get thicker flooring, it won’t last as long and can be damaged easily.

Be Mindful of your Flooring Types

Hopefully, you will come to understand the Flooring Types we work with and have at your disposal. If you are interested you can give a call at our contact page where we will answer any questions or go over our many options. We hope to see you soon!