Creative Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Do you feel the desire to unleash your inner artist? Do you have an artistic vision for your kitchen or bathroom that you need to bring to life? Look no further—Calusa Kitchen and Bath has a solution for all your Creative Kitchen and Bath Remodeling needs. Our comprehensive design process will help you get from point A to point B without a hitch.

The Creative Calusa Process

Here at Calusa Kitchen and Bath, we have a detail-oriented system to help you create your kitchen or bathroom masterpiece. All it takes is eight steps.

  • The first step is our initial meeting with you. It includes an introduction, where you tell us about your project idea.  Then comes discovery and an analysis of your needs. Don’t worry about costs—this step also includes a complete budget review. Calusa Kitchen and Bath is committed to helping you finish your project without going over budget.
  • Step 2 is helping you create the conceptual design. This means selecting the general themes, brands, and manufacturers. Do you want a rustic, Southern-style kitchen? A bathroom inspired by a European spa? Or perhaps a more modern kitchen and bath? Our design experts will help you plan out a creative kitchen and bath that will match your artistic vision. This is the point where we talk about putting your designs into the physical space and making sure the measurements fit. We also create a schedule and time frame for your project to ensure everything is completed efficiently and according to your needs.
  • Step 3 includes reviewing the conceptual design and its estimated cost.

Creative Kitchen and Bath

Calusa will also personally visit the project site to measure and review the conditions. Any corrections to the design will be made. Here we select the final features and colors of the remodel and finalize all the extra details—like cost, schedule, and talk with you about the final design and budget.

Once the designs are finalized, our team works hard to select the building materials and get all the permits and services needed for kitchen and bath remodeling. We then work with you to set a construction start date and can begin releasing the materials for fabrication. And finally—construction! Our licensed contractors will get to work accepting the delivery of the materials and establishing construction logistics with you. This means things like power, water, lighting, access, staging of process and moving of contents, storage of equipment, rubbish removal, and hours working on site. This way, YOU remain in charge of your project.

Now is the moment for the big reveal! Your remodeled masterpiece is complete. The final cleanup takes place and we review with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the renovation. Only then is the final payment due and we are on our way! We are satisfied with helping you achieve your vision and you can relax and enjoy a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom.

Bringing It All to Life

Your creative kitchen and bath remodeling is simply a phone call or quick visit away! Browse our beautiful kitchen and bath designs in our online photo gallery or stop by our showroom located at 6120 Porter Rd. in Sarasota today. Call 941-342-6111 to get started!