Kitchen Color Schemes: Find your color!

The Kitchen is designed, the floors have been put in place, and cabinets arranged in order. But why does it feel like there’s something out of the ordinary? Looking around you get a sense that the walls are not the correct color. Well, we got some good news to inform you. Calusa Kitchen and Bath has some awesome Kitchen Color schemes to show and provide to all your Kitchen design needs.

Calusa Color Choices

There are plenty of different color choices one can make when deciding. Depending on personal preference or design specifications we have a wide variety of colors to offer. We at Calusa have Blues, Greens, Reds, and all shades of specific colors that you could think of placing in your desired kitchen.

However, when it comes to picking the correct color scheme for your kitchen walls and design, there are a few core deciding factors to keep in mind.

  • The House’s color: If the house is a nice bright color on the outside, you might want to find something that compliments it on the inside.
  • Atmosphere: What are the house’s location and surroundings? The correct color for you could accentuate the area nicely.
  • Kitchen’s design: How is the Kitchen modeled? If it’s more modern, a classy white or grey can really make that theme pop.

Colors: What color you choose can do for your kitchen!

Blue: Blue has a calming effect on those who are present. Blue also gives off a sense of responsibility and intelligence to those who walk into your designed kitchen. Try pairing it with accents of white or grey to make the setting pop!

Green: Often known as a “lively” color. It’s meaning signifies abundance and harmony. The color offers freshness to any kitchen! Pairing it with browns can have a nice combination.

Red: Often a showy color. It symbolizes boldness and passion. If used it should be the lead color paired with white, green, or most commonly black.

White/Grey: These colors have a simple but classy feel to them. Often attributed as looking “modern”, kitchens that have a modern design should try it. White and grey are the most flexible colors to pair with others.


If you have an idea for what kitchen color schemes you want to try, find our contact here. We would be happy to help you decide on how to get the most out of your kitchen experience!