Introduction to Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath design and remodeling is our specialty, and we believe that a well informed and educated client will have a much better experience during their renovation project. Our informative blogs will help you be in a good position to appreciate the outstanding service and high-quality products Calusa Kitchen and Bath provides. Please review our gallery for some inspiration.

Here are some of the topics we plan to cover in the coming weeks:

  • How to select a contractor for your upcoming kitchen and or bath remodeling project
  • First steps in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process
  • How to formulate your remodeling budget
  • How to most effectively communicate with your contractor
  • How to get ready for your contractor to begin work in your home
  • Cabinetry design basics
  • Countertop materials basics
  • Kitchen design ergonomics
  • Sinks – What you need to know
  • Microwaves – What you need to know
  • Backsplash basics

We are looking forward to sharing our expertise with you! Please stay tuned and as always, we look forward to any comments or feedback you may have! Contact us!